Defectometer 2.837


The DEFECTOMETER 2.837 is a portable battery operated eddy current instrument that is used for detecting surface flaws in conductive materials (metals). The material surface may be painted, lacquered or untreated. In additon, the instrument can be used for simple materials sorting applications, for example, to differentiate between heat-treated and unheat-treated components.

The DEFECTOMETER’s high sensitivity, easy operation, and low price makes it an ideal general purpose instrument for maintenance inspection and metal processing and manufacturing facilities..


Testing for surface cracks on aircraft engines and airframes
Simple material sorting tasks
Surface crack detection on bars or tubes or on manufactured components
Flaw detect resolution to approximately 20 µm (0.0008 inch)


Two user adjustable alarm thresholds with audible and visual alarms

Simple setup and operation
Three LCD display modes
A wide variety of standard and custom sensors are available

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