Defectometer M1.837

The DEFECTOMETER M 1.837 is designed for crack testing. It is characterised by a very high sensitivity to surface defects and by simple, intuitive operation.

Compared to the predecessor model, the DEFECTOMETER 2.837, it has numerous new features.

Lift-off warning when the probe is not in contact with the material.
Extremely good legibility of the bright LED scale pointer and transflective LCD display under all lighting conditions.
More than 40 h autonomy with a single battery charge. The batteries are automatically charged inside the device when the external power adapter is connected.
Display and storage of the measurement results on your PC by means of the USB interface.
With only two probes all materials (NFe, Fe, Aust and Ti) can be tested.
Probes of the predecessor model can be used.

Example applications

Crack detection down to a depth of approximately 20µm on the surface of electrically conductive materials. Paints or other protective coatings do not have to be removed.

Aircraft maintenance

Testing for surface cracks, e.g. around rivets, on turbine blade and wheels, etc.

Metal processing industries

Simple sorting tasks

Automotive and component manufacturers

Testing for cracks and hardness changes

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