JME - 10-48 MIDI Crawler

The JME MIDI 10" Pipeline Crawler is specifically designed for (NDT) non-destructive examinations of circumferential butt welds in tubular installations such as oil and gas transmission pipelines, while in construction.

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The JME MIDI 10" Pipeline Crawler is capable of driving a wide range of X-Ray generators and gamma head / actuator units, enabling internal panoramic Single Wall Single Image (SWSI) radiography to be carried out in pipe diameters from 10"-48".

Constructed using high grade materials to provide a good finish, superior corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and extended service life. Electronic circuitry utilising military specification components, ensuring reliability in harsh environments.

Powered by high-efficiency rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries.

Full remote control of travel, park and exposure modes from outside the pipeline using the JME 'Magnetope' or a low activity isotope.

Safety features include anti-runaway circuitry, and optional retrieval latching purpose built recovery vehicle and an automatic radio recovery system.

All backed by a 12 month warranty which covers all components and workmanship. (excluding radiography source)

Additional Information

Weight (Excluding X-Ray Tube)                                 120kg
Length (Excluding X-Ray Tube)                                 1770mm (Plus Recovery Ring 246mm)
Optimum Tube Current                                             2-3 milliamps
Focal Spot Size                                                            1.5 x 5mm
Power Source                                                              Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (120v)
Battery Capacity                                                         24 Amp Hours
Motor Rating                                                              185w Continuous (quarter HP)
Travel Speed                                                               Up to 22 metres per minute
Wheels                                                                        Contoured High Traction Rubber
Braking                                                                        Dynamic
Mean Positioning Accuracy (15° slope)                      Plus or Minus 5mm
Maximum Angle of Climb (Optimum Conditions)     30%
Temperature Range                                                   -20° to +70° C