Detection system for maximum protection and highest density loads


The RS-400 offers extremely high sensitivity performance with minimum false and nuisance alarms due to it’s advanced digital design and spectral analysis. This system uses large volume detectors for optimum vehicle coverage. Typically, long detectors suffer substantially from signal loss using conventional technology, as a result RSI has developed a 4PMT technology utilising PMTs at both ends of the detector for greatly improved signal collection and spectral shape.

  • 5000 cu ins (4698 cu ins actual) detector assemblies - max 16 detectors
  • Fully digital system design - no user adjustments
  • 4 PMT technology for high sensitivity + high noise rejection on long detectors
  • 10/sec data sampling rate for optimum data analysis
  • Advanced 128 channel spectrometer system
  • Full spectral NASVD analysis for high sensitivity with essentially zero false and void alarms
  • Minimum nuisance alarms due to advanced signal screening and pattern recognition
  • Direct connection to the plant network enabling RSO overview of all alarms on all systems
  • Real-time (1/sec) error reporting to RSI service via the Internet for fast support and system overview
  • 15" color touch screen display for easy user interfacing
  • Alarm classification to sort alarms into scrap and non-scrap categories fro easier control
  • 48V operation to minimise voltage drops on long cables
  • Automatic system sensitivity monitoring with auto gain correction
  • Modular system design for easy servicing
  • System designed for easy on site service by local staff for ‘instant’ service support