Laboratory Analyser for fast and accurate isotope activity measurement

                      Image result for RT-22 georadis        The RT-50 Laboratory Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (Georadis) is a spectrum analyzer which is used to detect and monitor the existence of radiation in materials_2

RT-50 with LabCenter has been specifically designed to monitor and detect the presence of radiation in metals, metals by-products, geological samples, construction materials, environmental commodities and many other materials.

Floor standing and easy to operate, the specially designed RT-50 gamma spectrum analyser is an indispensable part of any analytical laboratory. As an integral part of your laboratory analysis the RT-50 will readily detect and accurately measure extremely low levels of radioactive contamination.

New and sophisticated methods of spectrum evaluation allow a high sensitivity precision measurement and a complete analysis in less than 5 minutes. The spectrum is displayed once it is accumulated. The final accuracy of the measurement is as low as 0.02 Bq/g ( 60Co ). Analysis data is viewed on screen, printed (as required), and automatically archived together with all sample information to provide a complete log. All data is accessible for transfer to an external network as needed.

  • Sensitivity: Accurately measure the radioactivity in a given sample. Measurement sensitivity 0.02 Bq/g
  • Multichannel Analyser: Self contained 1024 channel pulse amplitude analyser utilising a high sensitivity NaI(TI) scintillator)
  • Speed: Full sample analysis in only 5 mins
  • Ease of use: With little training the operator can use the graphic menu driven interface to input sample data and measure results quickly and efficiently.
  • Calibration: Optimised calibration eliminates long calibration times.
  • Integration: All data stored in multiplatform open source SQL database to allow easy integration into customer’s own systems.
  • Analysis Data: May be viewed, printed, archived or transferred to a network.