Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer

Array’s 2905 Laser Film Digitizer is the equipment of choice for users who demand the highest image quality for non destructive test and examination radiographs. Using precise optics and a helium neon laser, the 2905 captures your industrial radiographs with speed, accuracy and reliability.

Model number: 2905HD


Class: DS9 (range 0-4.7 OD) according to EN 14096 Part 2

Light Source: He Ne Laser, (632.8nm)

Sensor: Photomultiplier

Scanning Mode: Transmission, B/W

Scanning System: Flat Scanning by Polygon Mirror and Field Flattener Lens

Optical Density Range: Selectable: 0-2.0, 0-3.0, 0-4.0, 0-4.7 OD

A/D Convertor: 12 bits (4096 gray levels)

Sampling Pitch: 50 – 500 micron (at 1 micron steps)

Installed Memory: 128 Megabytes standard, 512 Megabyte maximum (on board)

Scan speed: 7 seconds at 200 micron

Film Sizes: 8″ X 10″ – 14″ X 17″

Scanning Width: 14 inch / line maximum

Smoothing Function: Digital Smoothing with Supersampling

Host Interfaces: SCSI, SCSI II, Twain

Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Mac, Unix, HP-UX

Dimension: W526 X D764 X H330mm

Weight: 45 kg

Power: 100 – 120 VAC, 200 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, approx 400 VA

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