Audit ST-1 MPI Shot Timer


To maintain product quality it is important that every aspect of an inspection system is monitored regularly. ln particular the performance of an MPI system is dependent on a number of parameters, each of which must be within acceptable procedural limits.

Where magnetizing equipment is fitted with a timer to control shot duration, it must be calibrated on a regular basis, usually to an accuracy within 0.1sec.


Is a precision hand-held electronic timer specifically designed to check timer controls fitted to MPI benches.

Has a resolution of 0.02sec and is able to make accurate measurement of the duration of a magnetizing shot in respect of AC, HWDC and FWDC waveforms.

Operates equally for current flow, coil and flux flow magnetizing methods.

Can accommodate dual shots, recording both the first and second shot times and the duration of the rest interval.

Is fully calibrated using equipment traceable to National Standards.

Shot Display… 

Audit ST-1 displays the shot duration for current flow, coil and flux flow with selectable resolutions of either 0.1s or 0.02s. Additionally the magnetizing waveforms are indicated, “A”=AC, “H”=HWDC, “F”=FWDC.

Easy to use… 

Simply press the ON button and the instrument operates at the 0.1s resolution. Press and hold the ON button and it operates at the 0.02s resolution.

Audit ST-1 is held in-line with the magnetizing coil, or a current flow component and the shot performed and displays the shot duration and the waveform code as described.

Then briefly press the ON button to reset the instrument. Audit ST-1 will shut down automatically after 60s of inactivity.


Audit ST-1 can also measure two successive shot times and the rest interval (up to a maximum of 4 seconds), on dual-shot equipment.



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