B-310PDC Battery Operated Contour Probe

The B-310 PDC Mini Contour Probe a very portable, battery-operated instrument for Magnetic Particle Inspection, and is especially convenient where power is limited or where operator safety is a concern.

The B-310 PDC Magnetic Inspection Yoke is designed to perform Magnetic Particle inspections quickly and reliably, producing highly defined defect indications. The unit will comply with the 40 to 50 pound weight-lift test. The exclusive strain-relief feature allows the power cord to enter from the rear or top of the unit permitting greater access to confined work areas. The overall length of the unit is only 7.25”.

As with all Parker Contour Probes, the new B-310 PDC has fully adjustable legs permitting the DC field to be applied to the precise area of inspection. The rugged body assembly is injection molded of the same durable material used in heavy duty power tools. It is shaped to fit the hand comfortably to reduce operator fatigue.

The model B-310 PDC may be ordered with a convenient 12V, foam-padded battery pack with belt loops and shoulder strap. Batteries are available in either 7.2 or 14.4 amp hour size and the pack includes a battery charger. The batteries are good for 150 to 1500 recharges depending on the amount you discharge the battery and storage conditions.

The B-310 PDC comes with a 10 foot cord and can be plugged into any 12V automotive cigarette lighter socket.

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