Benchtop OES Metal Analysis – FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert is based on the well-proven FOUNDRY-MASTER UV. It analyses ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including Nitrogen in high-alloyed duplex steels and covers even critical elements like Lead, Selenium and Lanthanum with low levels of detection.


  • Widest spectral range from 130 – 800 nm covering nearly all interesting elements for any metal material including Nitrogen in steel
  • New spark generator allowing a wider range of settings and special parameters for atomic lines
  • Fast and compact readout system for Dynamic Integration Algorithm (DIA) to improve precision
  • Direct light path enables low detection limits

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert is ideally suited for foundries and metal producers as well as metalworking industries. Typical applications include:

  • Analytical mode / identification
  • Al: wrought alloys, cast alloys, …
  • Cu: bronze, brass, cupronickel, …
  • Ti: Pure Ti, Ti. 6-4, Ti 8-Mn, …
  • Mg-, Zn – alloys, solders and more…
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