This manually operated belt scanner is the ultimate scanning aid for phased array inspection of circumferential welds in small bore pipework. This lightweight and low-profile scanner is extremely simple to set up and use for weld testing on pipe sizes from 0.5” to 4”. The Bracelet is compatible with industry standard miniature phased array transducers and is designed to be used in areas of limited access with a scanner height of 13mm.

The Bracelet scanner has been optimised for testing circumferential welds in small bore pipework with ultrasonic phased array transducers. The design meets the requirements of the application in its size, its simplicity, and its function.

The Bracelet scanner has a radial height from the pipe surface of only 13mm and can be fed around the pipe past neighbouring obstructions to provide 360°inspection when only half the pipe is accessible. The scanner incorporates a miniature encoder so the data can be recorded referenced to its location around the pipe.

It is quick and easy to attach the Bracelet to the pipe using a hook and loop strap to secure it in position. Similarly it is very easy to add or remove links to the belt for resizing the scanner to use on different pipe diameters. The rubber coated wheels provide the Bracelet with excellent axial grip to prevent unwanted slipping.

The Bracelet is commonly supplied as a single sided configuration making it suitable for pipe-to-fitting inspections as well as straight welds. It is also available in dual sided configuration with bridging plates and two phased array transducers for complete weld inspection in one scan.

The Bracelet can operate with any encoded phased array instrument. It includes a wheel encoder that rolls against the pipe and is wired to suit the customer’s instrumentation.

1. Holds single or dual phased array probe configurations,  2. Scans pipes ranging from 0.5” to 4” NPS,  3. Clearance envelope of 13mm,  4. Rubber wheels provide smooth circumferential movement around pipe,  5. Probes and wedges are easily inter-changeable,  6. Miniature splash-proof encoder provides 38 quad counts/mm,  7. Compatible with industry standard phased array probes and flaw detectors

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