Shelters / Surge Capacity Field Hospitals
• Pneumatic Air Frame Shelter
• Aluminum Frame Shelter
• Carbon Fiber Frame Shelter

Decon Shower & Shelter System
• Gross Decon for hospital staff, first responders, and firefighters.
• Remove carcinogens/pathogens and eliminate the risk of cancer or illness before leaving the scene

Vehicle Decon Shelter / Drive-Thru Immunization Shelters
• Mobile screening for personnel testing, temperature checks, vaccine shots – with set up in less than 3 minutes.
• With HVAC & air filtration systems, offer immediate visibility and privacy in a temperature-controlled air filtered (HEPA / UVAGI /
OZONE) environment.

Isolation Rooms & Shelters Negative Pressure Pneumatic isolation shelters.
• Designed to meet and exceed CDC requirement of 12 ACH/HR air exchanges per hour and 0.01 inches of water column of negative pressure
when used with appropriate air filtration products.

LITE – Lightweight modular inflatable tent
• Setup by only one person
• Extreme Lightweight

Large span high pressure inflatable hall
• Designed for general or long term use (field hospital, briefing room, storage hall, maintenance hangar etc.). It is an ideal solution
as UAV hangar too.

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