Mobile testing device for universal eddy current testing

Conventional eddy current testing in impedance plane view

The DEFECTOSCOP module uses all typical parameters of a universal eddy current tester and displays the measurement data in the impedance plane. A user working in expert mode can easily customize the list of available parameters and store them in the test program. Additionally, favorites can be defined so the module starts up quickly the next time. Switching from expert mode back into operator mode locks the parameter list and system settings for editing, saving time and effort.

Optionally, multiple frequencies can be added to the test program so that parallel testing can be carried out at different eddy current penetration depths. The color representation of the frequencies can be adjusted as desired.

Recordings of spinning components or hand-held rotating probes can be displayed directly in a high-resolution C-scan, allowing the test area to be easily evaluated and fully documented. Or, the raw data of the eddy current signal can be recorded and exported for later evaluation on the workstation computer.

Your advantages at a glance

  • ▪ Eddy current testing with rotating, HF, LF applications, etc. to solve a wide variety of test tasks, either using your own sensors or sensors adapted by FOERSTER
  • ▪ C-scan: data from a hand-held rotating probe can be displayed in a high-resolution C-scan
  • ▪ Multi-frequency inspection with up to 8 frequencies to check at different material depths for discontinuities in a single pass, or to reduce interference via frequency mixing
  • ▪ Post-processing of ‘frozen’ eddy current data: freeze an eddy current signal and then edit parameters such as gain, phase, high-pass and low-pass filters
  • ▪ Flexible probe selection: connect a wide variety of sensors, such as parametric, transformer or bridge probes
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