JME would like to present our newest product, the DXB:1 Digital X-Ray Buggy; designed to produce high-quality panoramic digital radiographs of circumferential welds in applications such as new pipelines. As a versatile and configurable system, it can also be utilised for use in various non-pipeline applications, such as the inspection of tank walls or other ferrous metal structures.

This digital system is a replacement for traditional film radiography; so no more chemical processing, dark rooms, or flaws associated with conventional radiography. The DXB includes a high-definition digital panel for instant verification of image quality and system settings. Images are digitally stored, preventing the need for film storage and enabling a permanent record to be saved within the control tablet. These can be backed up via USB or using a Network connection, allowing the images to be sent to an on-site Radiographer seconds from acquisition.

JME’s DXB system also communicates and integrates with our entire CR2 Pipeline Crawler Range. This allows 2-way communication between the Pipeline Crawler and DXB, giving configuration of key crawler parameters from the DXB control tablet. This integration also allows commencement of inspection with the push of a single button. The DXB operator is able to control, adjust and view the status of the CR2 crawler at all times during an inspection task.

With a rapid magnetic deployment system, the DXB:1 can be positioned by a single person in less than a minute. The system is attached using full time magnets, meaning in the event of a loss of power the unit will remain firmly attached to the pipe. This quick and efficient deployment dramatically increases productivity on-site. There is no need for welding bands to be deployed and relocated between each inspection which again greatly improves efficiency on-site.,


  • • Deployed in seconds, no welding bands required
  • • Film replacement technology
  • • Allows for ‘Cloud-based’ image inspection
  • • Fully integrated with crawler operation
  • • Integrated functionality with the CR2 Remote Handset Unit
  • • One-touch inspection
  • • Comprehensive safety interlocks
  • • Automatic back-up of images
  • • Digital storage of images locally or web-based
  • • Magnetic mounting
Buggy Width 221mm
Pipeline Diameter Flat or 13.5” (343mm)
Average Scan Speed Minimum: 15 mm/s
Typical: 22 mm/s
(including imaging time and movement between images) – Depending upon pipe schedule
Image Quality Image quality class B acc. ISO19232-5, ISO 10893-7, ISO 17636-2
Image Format DICONDE compliant data export, via Ethernet or USB
System Weight Buggy, Detector and Battery – < 44.1 lbs (< 20Kg)
Dimensions (mm) Overall Package Kit – 687(L) x 528(W) x 552(H)
Positioning Manually Positioned Directly onto pipe. Cut back with no bands
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Power Consumption <50W
Imaging X-Ray Energy Up to 300kV (depending on Pipe Wall Thickness)
Image Storage Capacity 500+ Images @ 36” pipe
Resolution 50-100 µm
Technology CMOS
Image area Width: 110mm
Length: up to 145mm per image (depending upon pipe diameter)
Image Stitching Uses image feature matching algorithm or optional buggy position encoder
Display 10.1” 10-point capacitive multi touch screen, LED backlit for daylight visibility + Waterproof digitizer pen for improved ease of use
Certification MIL-STD-810G certified IP65 certified sealed all-weather design
Power Option Li-ion 11.1 V, 4200 mAh
Dimensions (mm) 269(L) x 188(W) x 20(H)
Weight 2.4 lbs (1.09Kg)
Operating System Windows© 10 Pro
Battery Specifications
(Dewalt Flex Volts)
54V 2000mAh
54V 3000mAh
54V 4000mAh
User Interface Touch-screen display, with intuitive controls. Image viewing and assessment functions for on-site checking of acquired images prior to formal interpretation.
Image Acquisition Automatic acquisition process, controlled by user.
Crawler Control Full crawler control integration, to synchronise crawler operations and image acquisition.
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