Extension of universal eddy current testing for large surface inspection

Eddy Current Testing with Sensor Arrays

If large areas are to be scanned, conventional eddy current testing can be very time-consuming. In addition, there is a risk of unchecked areas due to the manual probe guidance. The ECA module can be used to operate large and shape-matched array probes. This allows large areas to be scanned quickly and without unchecked areas.

Array probes consist of several individual sensors, which are arranged e.g. in a row in a housing. In this way, an area can be scanned with several probes. The resolution of a single probe is still achieved.

Your advantages at a glance

  • ▪ Large-area testing: Testing with up to 512 probe elements in parallel
  • ▪ Easy to use: Automatic detection of probes and setting of all relevant hardware parameters
  • ▪ Localization of inconsistencies: Spatially resolved eddy current data for position-accurate fault detection
  • ▪ 100% Documentation: Eddy current images can be saved as PNG
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