The new digital ultrasonic testing device features time-corrected gain (TCG) and back-wall echo attenuation (BEA). The time correct gain raises the gain with the ultrasonic sound path. Back-wall echo attenuation uses a separate gain for measurement within a third monitor, thus making it possible to display a full back-wall echo in an A-Scan and therefore allowing it to be taken into account for inspections, even at high gain.

The extended memory functions can be used flexibly for corrosion testing (matrix memory), measurement series and individual measurements. All kinds of data, for example screenshots in BMP format or measurement series in CSV format, are stored on an 8GB SD memory card for convenient data export. Connected to a PC via a USB cable, the Echograph 1095 acts as an external drive. All pictures and data files can be opened easily within standard office software or within the Karl Deutsch software ‘eCom 95 PRO’ on the desktop.

To facilitate testing under difficult conditions, all three monitors can still be moved while the rest of the screen is frozen. Therefore, data analysis and recording have the flexibility to be adjusted to the requirements after actual measure. This works even with amplitude evaluation methods, such as DAC, DGS, AWS and JIS. For most convenient handling and readability, the new instrument features a lark 7″ TFT color display with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels.

A future innovation is the continuously adjustable 320V square wave pulser. The pulse width is automatically adjusted to the probe frequency when the probe parameters are loaded.

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