We now implemented the B-Scan in the ECHOMETER 1077!

Beside the graphic presentation of the B-Scan, we are storing up to 160 values of a B-Scan. (high resolution screen of the 1077 is 320 pixel wide)

There are 2 principle B-Scan graphic presentations: “without limits” and “limits set”.

Depth range:
– depth range is automatically set up from “zero” to “maximum” of readings
(automatic scaling of y-axis).
– Minimum can be set by the operator from “zero” to another value.
– Maximum can be set also by the operator from automatic scaling (“maximum” of readings”) to a different value.

Scanning rate:
– scanning rate is selectable: 1 Hz – 5 Hz – 10 Hz.
(scanning rate is depending on the drawing speed, which takes longer on a
coloured high-resolution screen than on a simple low-resolution black/white screen).
– standard PRF is still 100 Hz and will be used to store averaged scan values.

– manual start/stop for enabling/disabling scan modus.
– measurement reading stops if probe is not coupled and continues if probe is
coupled again.

Additional information presentation on Screen
– current reading.(at the bottom right) is of course implemented.
– y-scale (in mm or inch) is not planned at the moment (reduces space for B-Scan graphic!).
– x-scale (time based or in future in combination with encoder in mm) is not planned. (reduces space for B-Scan graphic!)

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