Edge 4 Wash Station Lamp

Edge 4 LED 365nm UV-A Panel Wash Station Flood Lamp with AC Cord

The EDGE™ 4 is a flood lamp engineered specifically for wash stations. It provides a very wide area of coverage without a high intensity. The IP65-rated housing allows the lamp to work in wet and dirty environments. Heat sinks keep the lamp cool without the need for a fan, so no dust or water can enter. Four UV-A LEDs provide a wide, uniform beam that is highly consistent and reliable.

What’s included

Comes complete EDGE™ 4 Series Overhead 365nm UV-A Lamp, and AC power cord.

Key Features

  • Ideal for Wash Stations
  • IP65 rated – rugged housing is dust-proof and water resistant
  • Heat-dissipating housing. Fan-less and cool running
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • 4 UV-A LEDs with long-lasting UV-A lenses
  • Low intensity (1,400 μW/cm2 at 48 inches)
  • Large coverage area of 22 inches x 22 inches with a minimum UV-A intensity of 200 µW/cm2 at 48 inches.
  • Less than 1 foot-candle visible light emission
  • Meets EN ISO 3059 standard on UV-A output for the removal of excess penetrant.
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