EEX-1000 EagleEye™


The EagleEye-1™ EEX-1000 inspection kit contains the EEX-1000 lamp, a palm-sized, portable, versatile, hands-free light source featuring one ultra-high intensity UV-A LED for NDT testing. In addition, the lamp contains an adjustable strap so the lamp can be worn on a helmet or directly on the head for hands-free operation. EEX-1000 is ideal for a variety of specialized inspection applications.

What’s included

Comes complete with EagleEye-1™ (365 nm) lamp, two Li-Ion recharageable batteries, battery charging crade with cord set, UV- absorbing spectacles and hard carrying case.

Key Features

• Instant-on operation. Reaches full UV-A intensity immediately.
• Lamp is equipped with antioxidant blacklight filter glass to minimize the visible light and increase the UV light.
• Fan-less mechanical cooling keeps light source cool to maintain optimum UV-A intensity during extended use.
• Powered by one rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Provides up to 4 hours of continuous inspection between charges.

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