Elymag – Most Rugged Permanent Magnet

Elymag – Most Rugged Permanent Magnet


THE ELY H005 ELY MAG 1 PERMANENT YOKE MAGNET is ideal for the effective magnetisation of components for crack detection, particularly where the use of electromagnetic yokes is impracticable or prohibited for safety reasons. The hinged arms and rotating pole pieces facilitate the local inspection of a diverse range of components such as critical welds in structures of fabrications, castings and automotive components. The ELY MAG 1 is also supplied with a ‘‘keeper bar’ which conveniently stores in the handle when not in use.

The magnets used in the ELY MAG 1 are manufactured from Neodymium Iron Boron, which is a recently developed alloy and has been specially selected for the ELY MAG 1. This material offers the highest magnetic energy per unit volume commercially available today and due to its longer ‘magnetic life’ it is more convenient for the inspector as well as reducing operational costs.


  • Specification : ASME V, BS6072, EN ISO 9943-3:2002.
  • Lifting Power : Greater than 18 Kg.
  • Magnetic Material : Neodymium Iron Boron.


  • Handle Length : 200mm (8 inches).
  • Height : 177mm (7 inches) handle to leg tip.
  • Poles : 35mm (41.4 inches).
  • Weight-Yoke : 3.02 Kg (6.6 pounds).
  • Weight-With Keeper : 3.34 Kg (7.1 pounds).
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