Fixturlaser EVO

Simplicity in your hands
The laser-based shaft alignment tool, EVO, is all about evolved simplicity.

It is a product without the frills and the bling, bling that stays true to our core values: simplicity, user-friendliness, and innovative techniques, while at the same giving you the power of alignment in your hands.

The EVO offers a compact display unit with a 5” color touch screen. It is slim and balanced, allowing you to hold it in one hand, leaving your other hand free to touch the screen icons and rotate the shafts.

It has a clean and color-coded graphic user interface that helps the maintenance professional throughout the measurement and alignment process without any hassles and stress.

The EVO offers an extensive shaft alignment package, including the Feetlock function that is useful in base/bolt-bound machine situations.

EVO – Package with Case
Display unit
2 pcs of digital smart sensors
2 pcs of V-brackets, complete with chains
Rod kit
2 pcs of chains 8 mm (length=970 mm)
Power cable, EU and US
USB cable with snap ferrite, A-mini, 2 m
Power supply 5 USB ports
3 pcs of USB cables A-mini B, 0,5 m
Tape measure 5 m
2 pcs of angled universal tools
NXA manual – English version

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