Fixturlaser GO Basic

An Adaptive User Interface with the VertiZontal Moves
Fixturlaser has developed an adaptive user interface, i.e. a user interface that actually tells you what to do based on your measurement results. With the VertiZontal Moves feature, we have brought to you one of the most innovative and time saving features in the shaft alignment world.

The adaptive user interface shows how much a misaligned machine requires to be adjusted by adding or removing shims at the machine’s feet. When proceeding with the measurement, you no longer need to remeasure in between the vertical and the horizontal adjustment during the adjustment process. The following horizontal adjustment is promptly carried out with real values displayed.

The time savings from the VertiZontal Moves are huge; such as e.g. much less walking around machines or climbing up and down to make adjustments and re-measure and/or fewer times shimming, hammering, prying, lifting, sweating, etc.

Sensor Technology 

All Fixturlaser shaft alignment tools use two sensor units, i.e. two laser beams. With the integrated innovative technologies, 30 mm CCD sensors and line laser, we have virtually eliminated both rough alignment and laser adjustment, even for big angular misalignments.

This is a benefit you would not enjoy with the measurement technique that uses only one laser beam. With such a technique, you would have to remeasure after each and every adjustment.

The sensor also deliver extremely high measurement accuracy. The CCD sensors also allow for digital signal quality control, further enhancing the measurement accuracy.

Power Management System – the Resume Function
The Fixturlaser GO Basic has an exceptional power management system with an integrated resume function. It will automatically save all critical data if and when it goes into energy saving mode or if the battery goes flat. It will automatically resume to where you left off, when you turn on the system again – that is our exceptional Resume Function!

Pick Your View with the Screen Flip

Confusing when the display screen does not show the machine from the same angle as your view of it? No problem, we have a solution for that as well – the Screen Flip. It enables you to see the machine set-up from the actual view point that you have of the machine.

Less Downtime, Prolonged Machine Life Time – the Benefits from Shaft Alignment
Shaft Alignment with the Fixturlaser GO Basic will have an impact on your budget. It is well documented that performing shaft alignment will reduce your downtime, increase machine life time, as well as reduce the machine component wear. It will all be translated into less expenditures for maintenance and a more profitable business. It all comes down to: “Can you afford to not invest in the Fixturlaser GO Basic?”

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