Fixturlaser NXA Geometry

GuideU – Adaptive graphical user interface

The laser-based geometry systems by Acoem are characterized by their user-friendliness, thanks to an industry-leading adaptive graphical user interface.

We pride ourselves in developing our products to be as easy to handle as possible, regardless of whether you use your measurement equipment on a regular basis or just a few times a year.
We also value your time, being user-friendly also means being fast!

With our systems’ graphical user interface, GuideU, you do not have to waste time on refreshing your memory or on second-guessing yourself during the actual work; our user interface guides you throughout the entire measurement and adjustment or alignment process. Below you will find an example of the graphics for a circular flatness measurement!

NXA Geometry Full R2 package with case
Display unit
2 pcs of R2 sensor/receivers
2 pcs of R2 receiver holders, cc 60 mm
2 pcs of rotational magnet bases for the sensor holder
Tape measure, 5 m
2 pcs of angled universal tools
Power supply with 2 pcs of power cables US, EU
Power supply with 2 USB ports, adapter plugs and USB cable A-micro B, 1,5 m
USB memory
NXA User Manual (GB)
NXA Geometry User Manual (GB)

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