Fixturlaser NXA Pro

It is a shaft alignment revolution

A revolution in shaft alignment as well as a revolution in usability with the NXA Pro – a digital laser based shaft alignment system!

The NXA Pro aims to provide the user with a fast and simple operation, as well as having access to advanced functions and capabilities, such as the OmniView™ and the VertiZontal Moves™, and probably the best power management system in the market place.

The graphical user interface is shown off on a 6,5” transreflective display screen with icons and symbols to guide you, in other words, no text is involved.

The adaptive user interface will guide you throughout the measurement and alignment process.

We have fitted the NXA Pro with gyros and can, therefore, adapt the screen view from the same side that the user is positioned – our OmniView™ function, i.e. the system knows where it is in relation to the machine.

NXA Pro – Package with Case
Display unit
2 pcs of digital smart sensors
2 pcs of complete V-brackets
2 pcs of magnetic V-brackets
2 pcs of chains 8 mm 60 links
Rod kit
Extension fixture, 49 mm
Magnetic base
Tape measure 5 m
2 pcs of angled universal tools
USB stick
Charger for display unit and sensors
NXA manual – English version

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