High performance metals analysis on your desktop

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart and the FOUNDRY-MASTER Optimum are the ideal solution for companies in the metal production and processing industry who require a cost-effective, reliable metals analyser.

Product Benefits
• Very small footprint: 415 x 665 mm
• High analytical performance
• Easy transportation, easy installation
• Very short start-up and measure time
• Excellent price-performance ratio
• FOUNDRY-MASTER Optimum: Notebook included, as well as a smart grade search for identifying unknown metals

• Analytical mode / identification
• Majority of metals and their alloys
• Fe: alloys like cast-iron, stainless steel
• Al: alloys like die-casting alloys
• Cu: bronze, brass, CuNi alloys…
• Ti: Pure Ti, Ti. 6-4, Ti 8-Mn,…
• Ni: hastelloy / inconel / monel,…
• FOUNDRY-MASTER Optimum: additional Co, Mg, Ti, Zn alloys, Nitrogen in duplex steel, matrices and elements can be included

GRADE Database included
The largest metals database for fast and easy grade identification is already installed on all our optical emission spectrometers:

• More than 10 million records for over 320,000 materials from 69 countries and standards
• Update your instrument’s grade database with a few clicks
• No time consuming research in norms and grade catalogues.

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