Upgrading your stationary optical emission spectrometer (OES) to the Hitachi High-Tech FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart can open up new opportunities, besides solving your current metal testing needs. Clients have discovered that upgrading to a state-of-the-art stationary OES expands their alloy production and provides access to global markets.

Instant advantages of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart

Choosing the compact FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart OES is your first step towards increased productivity in the foundry. One of the immediate gains you’ll notice is quicker operation. From melt monitoring to QA/QC in the manufacturing and shipping process, materials can be analysed, verified and approved quickly and easily. Accurate results are provided every time you need to test the melt or provide a reading for the customer, avoiding mix-ups, errors or delays. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart is also space-saving thanks to its compact size that means it fits neatly on top of a desk and be transported safely if required.

Hitachi OES instruments are straightforward to operate even though they are designed and built to an incredibly high specification. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart doesn’t use X-rays and requires minimal training, so time away from the foundry floor is minimised, keeping productivity high. The end user only needs standard foundry clothing and equipment to operate this instrument (safety glasses and gloves for example).

Increase alloy production and PMI

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart gives you the confidence and opportunity to meet special requests (from new and existing customers in a range of industries like medical and food engineering), expand your alloy production and enter new international markets. German foundry Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss GmbH (read more in case study) increased their alloy production thanks to the accurate melt testing capability of the Hitachi FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart during trial phases. Previously limited to aluminium and copper alloys, they expanded their production to include iron and steel materials. All 12 alloys produced by Krause can be tested with one instrument, the Hitachi FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart, at all processing stages.

Another useful feature is user accessibility from three sides of the OES, which makes testing irregular samples easy. Even if a sample is a small or awkward shape like wire or has curved surfaces, results are still quick and accurate. If this is something your current OES instrument doesn’t offer is it holding back your product development?

Access international markets with the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart
There are more than 1500 copper alloys worldwide. Global standards vary and using hard-copy catalogues to search for these is time-consuming and subject to change in legislation. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart comes with an integrated GRADE Database to help you meet global and local requests, including American and Asian standards. With more than 12 million records on the database you can potentially do business in 69 countries, confident that your test results are quick, accurate and compliant. Even if you do not currently need this, the expandability of the matrices is important for your future production development as the world of manufacturing continues to change.

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