The JME 6:CR2 Pipeline Crawler is specifically designed for non-destructive testing of circumferential butt welds in tubular installations such as oil and gas transmission pipelines.

Our 2nd Generation CR2 range is the world’s most ‘Technologically Advanced’ NDT crawler system. The JME 6:CR2 Pipeline Crawler is extremely compact and lightweight, deployable in an Internal Diameter (ID) range between 5.5” (140mm) and a maximum of 18” (457mm). Coupled with X-Ray generators from JME or ICM, this system can produce internal panoramic single-wall-single-image (SWSI) radiographs of very high quality.

The crawler can be commanded using JME’s Magnetic Control System (Magnetope), or a conventional isotope control system, additional features are accessible using our brand new CR2 Remote Handset.

Pipeline diameter range 5.5” to 18” (140mm to 457mm)
Weight (Excluding X-Ray Tube) 9Ah Battery – 71lbs (32 Kg), 13Ah Battery – 84lbs (38 Kg)
Length (Excluding X-Ray Tube) 1500mm (including recovery ring)
X-Ray tube output options JME CXT 180, ICM 160CR/1802S
Power source Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 48V (9Ah or 13Ah)
Battery capacity 9Ah / 13Ah Depending on pipe size requirements
Travel speed Up to 12metres (40ft) per minute
Maximum angle of climb (Optimum Conditions) 25° from horizontal
Mean positioning accuracy ±5mm
Operating temperature range -20°C to +70°C
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