M-UV series Ultraviolet Borescope

  • ◘ UV borescope with the 365nm UV waveband.
  • ◘ ultraviolet light power ≥80mW can achieve 10-meter.
  • ◘Mechanical 360°articulation and weighs only 0.75kg.

Yateks M-UV series Ultraviolet Borescope is a newly released product in combination with mechanical 360° articulation function & interchangeable tubes function.

Technical Specification:
Size 315*103*173mm
Weight 0.75KG
Monitor High brightness 3.5’’ active matrix color liquid crystal display (640*480)
White Balance Automatic white balance
Joystick Control Mechanical 360° full direction articulation
Direction Locking Mechanical automatic locking
Function Take photos, record videos, record audios, brightness adjustment, locking and fine adjustment, picture zooming in/out, image freeze and flip
Audio Integrated 3.5mm headphone (Optional)
Storage 16G
Data Port SD card port, microphone port, TV-OUT, video signal port,
charging, mini USB port
Battery One 18650 Li-battery(Replaceable)
Standby Time ≥4h
Automatic lock Automatic locking
Brightness Adjustment 6 levels of brightness level
User Interface List operating menu
File Management Support photo/video playback, delete, format
Image Control Flip, zooming, freeze; color/black and white image mode; can control under WIFI on mobile phone
Picture Format JPEG/JPG(Record date and time)
Video Format AVI(Record date and time)
Language En, CN, Kr, ES, De, RU, JP
Brightness control 4-level brightness adjustment
Software Update Update via port
Insertion tube Specification
Insertion tube outer diameter 6.0±0.1 mm
Insertion tube length 1.2±0.1m(customization is available)
Insertion tube material Tungsten-braided
Articulation 360° mechanical arbitrary direction
Bending angle 150±10°
Effective pixels Forward view 450, 000pixels
Depth of Field 50mm~+∞
Field of View 80°
UV light power ≥80mW
UV waveband 365nm
Operating environment
Main body working temperature -10°C~50°C
Probe working temperature -20~50°
Relative humidity Highest 90%, no condensation
Waterproof Probe IP67/Mainbody IP54
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