Magnetic Tracking

The JME tracker system utilizes an electromagnetic transmitter, which is attached to and travels with the crawler in a pipeline.

It has a receiver that will pick up the signal from the transmitter at a distance allowing for significant ground cover. This signal is a low frequency signal that operates in the magnetic range of the electromagnetic spectrum, which allows the signal to penetrate the steel pipe wall.

The transmitter pulses at approximately one pulse every second, which helps to identify this signal over spurious random noise that the receiver may pick up. This pulse can easily be detected by the receiver. The transmitter is sealed with an ‘O’ ring and is capable of working in high pressure environments. The main body is constructed of rugged carbon steel. Care should be exercised when exposing them to harsh chemicals. Check with supplier for chemical compatibility. The transmitter utilizes an off the shelf battery for easy inexpensive replacement compatibility. Other than replacing the ‘O’ ring or battery, the transmitter is essentially maintenance free.

Audible indication of the signal is provided by means of a beep that pulses with each sensed signal from the transmitter. Visual indication is provided by a digital sweep meter.

Pinpointing the location of the transmitter located on a stationary crawler is a relatively simple operation. Move to the last location where you know the crawler has passed. At this point hold the receiver horizontally and begin to slowly walk the line listening for the steady pulsing beep of the transmitter.

Upon picking up the signal, continue walking towards the transmitter while watching the digital display sweep meter. When the meter movement begins to decrease, move backwards until you see the approx max signal strength. You should now be standing over or next to the transmitter and crawler.

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