Magnetoscope 1.069


The MAGNETOSCOP 1.069 is a portable battery operated flux-gate magnetometer that is used for measurement of low-level magnetic permeability and magnetic field strength. The instrument can be used to measure absolute magnetic permeability and field strength, and also to verify that non-magnetic materials and components are indeed non-magnetic.


Measurement of absolute magnetic permeability in the range of µr = 1.00001 to 2.
Measurement of absolute magnetic field strength in the range of 0.1 nanoTesla to 1 milliTesla.
  Measurement of absolute field strengths and field gradients.
  Quality control of non-magnetic stainless steels.
  Detection of ferromagnetic inclusions in materials.
  Determination of work hardening in stainless steel tubing.
  Detection and measurement of localized magnetic poles.
Determination of the magnetic moment of a dipole.
Measurement of the demagnetized state of a material.
  Verification of non-magnetic properties in critical components.
  Detection of internal sulfidation distress in aircraft turbine blades,


Wide range of sensors for various measurement tasks.
Battery operation for portable use or AC operation for use in the laboratory.
Automatic probe recognition and calibration.
  •  Automatic field compensation to eliminate the influence of ambient fields.
  •  Selectable measurement units for magnetic field strength measurement.
  •  Remote control via RS 232 interface.
  •  Traceable calibration standards for magnetic permeability measurement.
  •  Data storage and transfer via compact flash card
  Selectable display modes on ¼ VGA display with back light
  User configurable reject limits with audible or visual alarm indications
Analog output available from BNC connection.
Multi-lingual operator interface.

Available Probes

Foerster offers a broad range of probes for field and permeability measurement with the MAGNETOSCOP 1.069.

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