M2M Mantis

M2M MantisTM is a robust and lightweight flaw detector offering UT, PAUT, TOFD, and TFM through the streamlined user interface called CaptureTM. Based on a 16:64PR architecture with three different models, Mantis addresses both general and advanced applications without compromising productivity.

Made for the Field

  • – Portable, reinforced robust casing designed for IP65
  • – Compact and light for easy operation
  • – Resistive touch screen technology (glove compatible, not dust/water sensitive)
  • – High storage capacity – 128GB SSD
  • – IPEX PA, LEMO-00 UT and LEMO-16 encoder connectors
  • – Embedded Easy Latch adaptor available
  • – One internal battery + one hot-swappable battery
  • – Connectivity with WI-FI, USB 3 and Gbit Ethernet

Designed for Your Inspection

APPLICATIONS 16:64PR 16:64PR-TFM 16 16:64PR-TFM 64
Butt weld & long seam weld
Commonly up to 25-30mm (1-1.25″)thick
Single group only Multi-group up to 8 Multi-group up to 8
Inspection speed-PRF Up to 12 kHz Up to 12 kHz Up to 20 kHz
Expertise using FMC/TFM Up to 16 elts
no FMC recording direct modes only
Advanced solutions

  • – CAD import, T,Y-joints, nozzle welds
  • – Matrix & Dual Matrix probes
  • – Scanner up to 3 axes
CAD overlay import only
  • – 16:64PR architecture plus two UT channels verified with international standards
  • – Compatible with existing phased array probes (linear, dual linear, and dual matrix array) and existing scanners (up to three encoder axis)
  • – Embedded focal law calculation (sectorial, linear, compound) on all parts through Capture software
  • – Up to eight group configurations
  • – High inspection speeds thanks to PRF up to 20 kHz
  • – Real-time FMC/TFM with up to 64 elements for code compliant inspections
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