The MB30 is a robust portable unit designed to give a visible and audible indication of radioactivity presence. Typically, this will be an environment where sudden high lvel radiation may be periodically present, due to radiological inspection processes. It also has uses as ‘sentry’, detecting he presence of exposed sources or as a result of terrorist activity (potential dirty bomb letters or parcels.)

The unit is potable and maybe be used with its internal battery, or a mains supply by means of an external DC power unit (PSU). The unit will automatically charge the batteries whenever connected to a source of power via the PSU. In the event of mains supply failure, MB30 will automatically revert to internal batteries. Low battery and critical battery levels are signaled by the front panel LED and warning sounder.

The equipment is housed in a molded ABS case sealed to IP65, giving a god level of environmental protection. All external switches and connectors are rated IP65 or greater.

The unit is capable of driving a further THREE slave lamp/sounder units to provide audible and visible indication radioactivity at a maximum of four warning stations.

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