The MFLi3000 has been designed to meet this demand by bringing together the advanced defect detection capability of our Floormap systems with a simple to use stop on defect scanner system.

Together these innovative features achieve significant advances in corrosion measurement, with the potential to reduce inspection times and significantly enhance the quality of a tank inspection. This enables tank engineers to determine the optimum repair strategy and improve the outcome of Fitness For Service (FFS) assessments, Remaining Life Assessment (RLA), and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programs.

Key Features:

• MFL Scanner with 12″, 64 channel MFL head, total 256 sensors
• Touch screen ruggedized tablet computer for display and control
• Digital calibration with store/recall
• Motorised with speed control – 20 inches per second
• Real Time Scan (RTS) view of surface for assessing corrosion whilst scanning
• MFLi plate view for scan analysis with adjustable threshold
• STARS top surface view displaying top side corrosion
• Autostop, stop on defect capability with adjustable threshold
• Through coating inspection up to 1/4″ incl FRP, GRP and SS
• Export of scan images to USB key
• Floormap3Di upgrade path

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