MINEX 4.610

Precise detection of near-surface objects

The MINEX 4.610 is designed to detect very small near-surface metal objects, so-called minimum metal mines or plastic mines. It offers maximum sensitivity and best possible pinpointing of targets while still providing robustness and reliability in any conditions.

A ground learning function for operation on uncooperative soil and a military mode that turns off the LED indicators for safe night operations are only two of the vital features available. The MINEX 4.610 comes in a rugged soft case and can be equipped with accessories according to the customer’s needs. Commonly, individual packages are defined and delivered.

Your advantages at a glance

  • ▪ Highest sensitivity: Digital dual frequency continuous wave technology for constantly high sensitivity to all metals
  • ▪ Two integrated search heads (Double D): Two dif-ferent signals for precise pinpointing as well as for close detection along large metal structures like railway tracks, fences and cars
  • ▪ Different senses for precise working: Audible and visual signals in combination with a vibration alarm on the handle help and simplify detection
  • ▪ Easy to operate: Five sensitivity ranges. All control and display elements are integrated into the handle. Visual display with 14 LEDs that can be switched off in military mode
  • ▪ No disturbance and influence: No disturbance by high power lines. No influence on the detection depth by wet soil or salty water
  • ▪ Adapts to all circumstances: Fast individual ground learning for uncooperative soil conditions
  • ▪ Safe to use: Malfunction alarm and low battery signal
  • ▪ Easy to transport: Robust soft case with back carrying function
  • ▪ Optional equipment: Headphone, carrying strap, rechargeable batteries, hard case, USB data cable
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