With a choice of calibration options, measurement modes – including high speed scan mode, display options and data-logging, the MTG6 is ideal for taking readings on a wide range of coated and uncoated materials and downloading data for further analysis and reporting.

As well as all the features of the MTG2 & MTG4, the MTG6 has additional calibration options; 2-Point, Velocity and known Thickness Value.

Measurement Mode
The MTG6 offers Velocity Mode (VM) which is ideal for determining the homogeneity of a material/alloy and the correct velocity of a material for calibration.

Using Scan Mode, readings can be taken at a rate of 16Hz (16 readings per second) over a large surface area. When the transducer is lifted off the surface, the average, lowest and highest thickness value is displayed making scan mode ideal for checking a sample’s overall uniformity.

Display Mode
With a user definable display, users can choose to view readings, statistical information, bar graph – an analogue representation of the current reading together with the highest (Hi) , lowest (Lo); and average (x), reading or a run chart; a trend graph of the last 20 readings.

Data Logging & Data Output
The MTG6 has a single batch gauge memory and can store up to 1,500 readings. Compatible with both ElcoMaster® and ElcoMaster® Mobile Apps, readings can be downloaded via USB or Bluetooth® to PC, iOS or Android™ devices for further analysis and reporting.

• Pulsed-Echo (P-E), Echo-Echo ThruPaint™ & Velocity (VM) measurement modes.
• 2-Point, 1-Point, Material, Velocity, Thickness Set and Factory calibration options.
• User selectable measurement rate; 4, 8, 16 readings per second.
• User selectable reading resolution; 0.1mm (0.01”) or 0.01mm (0.001”)
• Scan Mode.
• Readings, Selected Statistics, Bar Graph & Run Chart.
• Gauge memory; single sequential batch of up to 1,500 readings.
• USB and Bluetooth® data output to ElcoMaster® and ElcoMaster®Mobile Apps.

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