Penetrant Testing (PT) Blocks

(1) Aluminium Quench Block provides a means by which penetrants may be checked for serviceability, comparison of contrast or to qualify its use outside the standard temperature range of 16-52 degrees Celsius.

(2) J001-J013 Transparent Comparators are used to assist inspectors significantly in assessing the importance of indications of discontinuities revealed by fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection. The comparators are strips of a convenient size (up to 25 x 130mm) with markings for a known size marked on them.

(3) Reference Test Block 1 (also know as MTU 3), acc. to EN ISO 9934-2. It is a useful accessory for the determination of the magnetic powder concentration in the test liquid. It can be used for Wet Fluorescent or Visible Baths.

(4)Reference Test Block 2, acc to EN ISO 3452-3. It is used as a control test piece for both fluorescent and colour contrast process penetrant processes.

(5)Tam Panel 146040 (PSM 5) is a chromed stainless steel test piece that provides a quick means by which a penetrant inspection process can be checked for serviceability, whether it be visible or fluorescent, water washable or post emulsifiable. It verified that all elements of the process are functioning correctly. Any drastic change in the total process will be picked up and the danger of accepting a part with a dangerous flaw can be avoided.

6)Twin KDS Panels
A pair of nearly identical panels measuring 2 x 6 inches and 0.090 inches thick with matching crack patterns. Being rugged, Twin KDS Panels may be used to satisfy MIL-STD-6866 and ASTM E-1417 requirements for daily systems check. And, having matching cracks of known sizes, the panels may be used to compare penetrant performance.

(7)Wash Test Panels Monitors washability of water wash or post emulsified penetrants. May be used repeatedly if thoroughly cleaned after use. Complies with ASTM and MIL codes.

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