PL-8 and PL-10 Magnetizing Coils


Parker’s new portable magnetizing coils are designed for magnetic particle inspection of ferrous metal parts. The new coils allow for the use of either dry powder or wet fluorescent inspection media and may be used for demagnetizing as well.

The coils are molded in a tough black polyurethane material and comes equipped with a foot switch and 10′ yellow neoprene power cord. (PDC versions use a thumb switch) The sealed electrical connection box has a 2″ X 4.5″ flat base allowing the coil to stand in a vertical position. The coils are designed for a 50% duty cycle and are equipped with thermal overload protection. Both the PL-8 and PL-10 operate from a standard 115VAC, 60Hz power source, but may also be operated from a 12V battery. 230VAC coils are also available. (PL-8S and PL-10S)

PL-8PDC and PL-10PDC (pulsed DC) operate from a standard 115VAC input, but produce a powerful pulsed DC magnetic field.


Plug the power cord of the coil into the appropriateoutlet. Depress the foot switch. A definite magnetic pull will be felt by insertion of a ferrous metal object into the center of the coil. Inspection is accomplished by placing the part longitudinally parallel to the axis of the coil, within the center of the coil nearer to the outer circumference. Activate the foot switch and apply the inspection medium while the coil is energized. This is referred to as the continuous method and will reveal defects at right angles to the coil axis.

When using the wet method, allow the coil to remain energized for approximately two seconds after applying the wet medium. Remove the part for inspection.

To demagnetize a part after inspection, simply place the part within the coil near the outer circumference. While the coil is energized, remove or pull the part approximately two feet away from the coil before turning the coil off. Larger parts may be demagnetized by placing the coil directly over the part and withdrawing the coil in the same manner.

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