Processing chemicals

XD-25 Developer

A single all-liquid concentrate designed for processing a wide range of medical X-ray emulsions
Rovides consistent radiograhic quality for an extended period of time under norma manual processing conditions
Maintain excellent film contrast levels in the working solution

XF-25 Fixer

Recommended a the companion product.

Indicator Stop Bath
This is a general purpose liquid non-hardening stop bath that can be used safely not only with films and plates but also all papers. It contains an indicator to signal exhaustion by turning darker in color. The color indicator

formulated into the stop bath turns pink when the stop bath is “used up” and signaling that it should be replaced.

Photo-Flo 200 Solution  

Kodak Photo-Flo 200/600 Solution should be added to the final wash when processing black & white films. It acts as a wetting agent by foaming up and protecting the film from dust and scratches while hanging to dry.

Photo-Flo is an indispensable item for any dark room associated with an NDT lab because it reduces water

surface tension, thereby minimizing, in fact usually eliminating, drying streaks and water marks on all film and plates.

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