The PXB2.5D portable X-Ray Betatron is designed to produce high energy ionising radiation for industrial radiographic non-destructive testing. Half Value Layer (HVL) for Steel is 20mm

The PXB2.5D portable X-Ray Betatron contains no moving parts (excluding cooling fan) and no circulating liquids, radiation outside the main beam is low, so safe working distances are moderate. After demarcation of dose rate boundaries, the betatron may be used at external sites or in fabrication workshops with little or no additional screening.

The PXB2.5D produces radiographs of very high contrast, sensitivity and resolution. The PXB2.5D is recommended for radiographic testing of weld joints and castings with a steel thickness of 30 to 120mm, concrete and other materials from 100 to 300mm. The irradiation field equals 350mm x 350mm @ 1M focal distance. In operation the PXB2.5D has no need for compensating filters that improves the uniformity of the radiation field. The PXB2.5D is far less costly than other NDT accelerators such as ‘Linacs’

The PXB2.5D can replace cobalt isotope gamma sources which may not give acceptable quality and require costly periodic replenishment.

Compared to cobalt, the Betatron’s shot time is drastically reduced and the extremely small focal spot size provides a sharper, higher quality radiograph, thus increasing production rate and profit.


JME’s range of Betatron systems have been supplied for a wide variety of applications within many sectors of the NDT industry. Examples of the work we have previously supplied systems for include but are not limited to the inspection of Large forgings, castings, valves, beams, ships hulls, pressure vessels, engine blocks, thick welds, composites, reinforced concrete buildings, bridges and cargo/security scanning solutions.

Peak X-Ray Output 2.5MeV
Dose rate @ 1m >0.7R/minute
Focal Spot Size 0.2 x 2mm
Duty Cycle Radiation Beam 75% per hour
Beam Coverage 350 x 350mm @1m
Radiographic Sensitivity Down to 1%3
Supply Voltage Single-phase, 110V or 220V, 50/60Hz
Adjustment range of energy 1.0 to 2.5MeV in 0.1MeV increments
Power Consumption 1.0kW (4.5A @220V, 9A @ 110V)
Accelerator (Radiator) 440 x 300 x 150mm 31kg
Power Unit 445 x 245 x 390mm 20kg
Control panel 235 x 200 x 115mm 1.5kg
Pulse converter 415 x 205 x 240mm 10.5kg
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