RDS-32 Radiation Survey Meter

The RDS-32 Survey Meters are small handheld, battery operated radiation survey instruments. Due to its versatile functions and durability, it is suited for a wide range of applications in civil defense, industrial use, nuclear power plants, laboratories, etc.

The meter features excellent ergonomics; lightweight and easy handling, with visual, audible, and vibration functions. Each meter includes an additional battery cover with belt clip to make it wearable, freeing the user’s hands to focus on their primary job.

With both Warning and Alarm levels users can know when they are approaching their limit without constantly monitoring their device and can act accordingly.

To extend the capabilities of the instrument, a wide variety of external Smart probes are available to meet user needs with any RDS-32 version. GMP-12/GMP-25 probes, and the full CSP probe range can be connected to all RDS-32 versions with adequate cable. The selection includes probes for gamma and neutron dose rate and alpha and/or beta contamination with various detection areas and scaler counting.


• H*(10) dose equivalent rate according to latest standards
• External alpha, beta, gamma and neutron probes for
direct connection
• RDS-32WR for wider dose rate range
• iTx versions for wireless monitoring
• 4-way navigation keys, practical shortcuts
• Intuitive user interface
• Large graphic screen, configurable backlight
• Automatic display rotation with tilt sensor
• High impact durable case construction,
IP67 immersion proof
• Internal memory allows versatile histogram functions and
the ability to manually store measurements
• Configuration and firmware upgrade done through the
CSW-32 Software with USB cable-link
• Complies with IEC 60846 standards, designed to meet
ANSI 42.17A, 42.17C standards

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