Great measurement quality made easy

The SIGMATEST 2.070 is a portable eddy current instrument which measures the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals based on the complex impedance of the measuring probe. The measuring range for the instrument is established by calibration.

When unknown test pieces are measured, the instrument converts the complex impedance value to an electrical conductivity value. The electrical conductivity value is indicated on the instrument’s LCD display.

Your advantages at a glance

▪ Easy operation
▪ Wide frequency range to measure several material thicknesses
▪ Temperature compensation for stable results also at variating temperatures
▪ Automatic distance compensation up to 0.75 mm for measurement of items in bags or measuring through painting
▪ Correction factors for measuring on curved surfaces
▪ Increased measurement accuracy also at high frequencies (480 kHz) of +/- 0.5 %
▪ Shielded probes to avoid edge effects
▪ Long wearing probes with titan protection to reduce wear
▪ Robust design for on-site usage

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