New Generation Portable Meter for Measuring the Electrical Conductivity of Non-Ferromagnetic Metals

Precise and reliable conductivity measurement

Conductivity measurement determines physical and technical material properties. The SIGMATEST is used for quality control of manufactured products as well as for testing material compositions as well as for sorting metals, alloys and scrap. Other areas of application include the maintenance of aircraft for the determination of heat damage and in the metal industry for process control in production.

The SIGMATEST module is used with special conductivity probes. These are adjusted to traceable conductivity standards (PTB/NIST or NPL) at 20 °C in the FOERSTER calibration laboratory. The data of the adjustment are stored on the sensor and are retrieved by the TCM. This enables an exact conductivity measurement.

The single measurement is triggered by touch. If a scan of the surface is required, measured values can be continuously output and displayed in a time diagram.

Your advantages at a glance

Wide Frequency Range: Enables the measurement of different material thicknesses
Shielded probes: These are used to avoid edge effects
Reduced wear: The durable probes with titanium protection were specially designed for this purpose
Easy to use: Automatic detection of probes and loading of calibration curves

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