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Due to the stable design, our Leeb rebound sensors are ideally suited for everyday use on massive components in the industrial work environments. The “2-in-1 concept” enables the parallel use of Leeb rebound sensors and UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) measuring probes with the SONODUR 3 device.

The measured values are evaluated via an app based on the future-proof Android software platform. All information is visible at a glance. The measured values are statistically summarized and individually displayed in result lists as well as by means of graphical representation and tolerance thresholds in a user-friendly manner. The measured values can be exported for further data processing.
The operating principle of the Leeb rebound method consists of accelerating an impact body, at the front end of which is a hard metal ball, with a defined energy against the surface of the material to be measured. The impact of the hard metal ball causes a deformation of the surface, which leads to a loss of acceleration energy. This energy loss is determined by measuring the velocity and from this a hardness value is calculated in Leeb.

Areas of application are large, solid test parts with a minimum component weight requirement of 5 kg and a minimum thickness greater than 25 mm (SONO HLD).

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