SonyksTM is a major leap in guided wave equipment. Eddyfi Technologies has redefined guided wave ultrasonic testing with the Sonyks setting new benchmarks for data quality, versatility, ease of use, and deployment. From Teletest, who pioneered Guided Wave Testing (GWT) commercially, the state-of-the-art system comes with a large high-quality touchscreen, ultra-fast electronics for rapid data acquisition, and on-the-spot data analysis capabilities for accurate reporting. Sonyks has reinvented guided waves, making the technology simpler and more accessible for the industry.


Sonyks offers an unprecedented ability to inspect more piping applications, including flange-to-flange piping, in the most cost and time-efficient manner.

The instrument is also compatible with typical transducer rings found on the market. Reuse your own rings and make the most of your past investment in guided waves. Couple your existing collars to a new-generation instrument with best-in-class electronics and give a second life to your inspection programs.

First Guided Wave instrument with full onboard data analysis

Unmatched SNR for longer inspection runs

Easy to interpret data making the technology more accessible

Compatible with other manufacturer transducer rings

Collect all RAW data in one scan for accurate and auditable results

Streamlined workflow, increasing efficiency and inspection capabilities

Transducer rings suitable for pipes ranging 1.5 in to 72 in

Internal compressor for inflation of collars

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