High-resolution representation of surfaces brings hidden defects to light


  • • Intelligent filter algorithms for targeted suppression of interfering contours like drill holes, grooves, bevels, etc.
  • • High-resolution representation of the component surface
  • • Digital filters with large dynamic range
  • • Post-data analysis for process improvement, since raw data can be stored and post-processed
  • • Report creation in PDF, PNG and CSV formats

New dimensions in component testing

With STATOVISION, FOERSTER offers an innovative software solution for the identification and visualization of heretofore undetectable errors. Intelligent filter algorithms enable previously impossible inspection tasks; since this allows interference signals to be filtered out and suppressed, cracks near drill holes or millings, for example, can be found. Furthermore, by superimposing the images of several components, it is possible to identify – at an early stage – patterns in the defects, e.g. due to tool wear, so that the source of the error can be eliminated.

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