Ultrasonic Tranducers

Standard Transducers
Phoenix’s high performance transducers are reliable, reproducible and cost-effective. All are made to quality standards – EN12668, BS EN ISO 9001:2001, ESI, DIN, AWS & ASTM.

  • Single crystal shear wave – The single crystal range of shear wave transducers is ideal for the general purpose testing of welds, plate, pipe tubing, castings and forgings.
  • Gold series shear wave – Phoenix developed the gold series transducer to offer superior performance. The internal design has been modified and with the use of an interface layer gives significant improvements in performance.
  • Single compression wave – Single crystal compression wave transducers are available with either a ceramic or resin face and designed for testing rough, cast or pitted surfaces or highly abrasive materials when both increased sensitivity and resolution are required.
  • Twin compression wave – Twin crystal compression wave probes are suitable for use on corroded and pitted surfaces, thickness measurement, brazed joint testing and lamination detecting. High gain and resolution are achieved with a very low cross-talk.
  • Corrosion Mapping – Standard and high temperature corrosion mapping transducers complement the compression wave probe range and are housed in a durable steel case with side entry connections which enable the fitting of a detachable tracking facility.
  • TOFD – Phoenix offers an extensive range of transducers and wedges to meet the needs of technicians using the Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) technique.
  • High Temperature – High temperature probes allow rapid and cost effective testing by removing the need to cool surfaces in advance. The Phoenix high temperature range has a variety of transducers designed to perform reliably on surfaces at temperatures from 80°C to 200° C.
  • Flex Series – Flex transducers are thin, compliant ultrasonic probes that can conform to curved surfaces using fingertip pressure. This enables them to be used on non-flat components to provide improved ultrasound transmission compared to standard hard faced transducers.


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