Convert your mercury vapor HID lamp to modern LED technology with VIVID™, the world’s best UV-A LED Replacement Bulb for fluorescent inspection. Lasts 10x longer than a mercury vapor bulb. Can also be used in custom lamp fixtures that include enclosures


  • LONGEVITY Rated life is 10x longer than a mercury vapor HID bulb (with typical use).
  • ECONOMICAL 4 year Return on Investment (with typical use).
  • INSTANT-ON OPERATION No wait time to get to full intensity.
  • LOWER LABOR COSTS Eliminates down-time.
  • SAFER Over 50% cooler! 225°F (HID) vs. 109°F (LED).
  • ENVIRONMENTAL Less environmental waste with fewer bulbs and energy efficient.
  • RUGGED Far less likely to break than mercury vapor glass and filament bulbs.
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