Silverwing produces a range of vacuum boxes suitable for both new build inspection and in-service inspection. Unlike some vacuum boxes that rely upon a vulnerable vacuum gauge the Silverwing range have calibrated vacuum relief valves fitted as standard. The use of a calibrated (recalibration required annually) vacuum relief valve ensures that not only do they meet the requirements of applicable international standards but the box cannot be damaged by drawing too great a vacuum.

The vacuum is generated by the use of an electric vacuum pump or by use of an Air Vacuum Generator (AVG) and external compressor. The vacuum boxes are rated to either 20 inch Hg (10psi/0,7bar) or 10 inch Hg (5psi/0.37bar) depending on usage. Inspection companies tend to use the electric pump with the vacuum boxes due to its greater flexibility while construction companies tend to use the AVG based systems.

Key Features:
• Special seal design to improve initial vacuum
• Calibrated relief valve to control vacuum
• Calibrated vacuum gauge option
• Electric pump, compressor or combined versions
• High & low vacuum variants to meet relevant standards and applications rather than old or new tanks
• Flat & corner weld inspection models
• Field proven durability & reliability

Dimensions: L 500 x W 250 x H 310 mm
Weight: 27.70 kg
110V Model: VP110
240V Model: VP240 Calibrated gauge extremely rugged construction
Designed to API 650 & 653 recommendations

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