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Vulcan is one of the fastest metals analyzers, with one of the most advanced reporting tools. It’s also one of the lightest and the easiest to use. Vulcan’s simple user interface significantly reduces user error, delivering far more accurate and consistent results.

Splash water and dust proof, Vulcan is a durable Laser Induced Breakdown LIBS analyzer built to last.

It’s one of the fastest analysers on the market with reliable results in just one second analysis.

Advanced data management with OiConnect
Managing the data Vulcan produces is also a much easier task. Transfer and store all your results securely in the OiConnect cloud and use one of the most advanced reporting tools on the market.

Rugged and durable
Designed to withstand harsh environments and tough enough to be used in a scrapyard. Its measurement optics are protected by sapphire glass, one of the toughest materials available.

Long battery life
A single battery charge will last up to 8 hours when analysing one sample every 5 seconds.

Simple to use
It’s easy to pick up and operate. With a short learning curve, you will be up and running with Vulcan in no time.

Laser scanning mechanism
Tested for 20 000 000 cycles.


Complies with MIL-STD-810G, METHOD 514.6 (PROCEDURE I).

Operating drop
Complies with MIL-STD-810G, METHOD 516.6 (PROCEDURE IV). Tested with 26 consecutive drops through every angle.

Temperature exposure
Tested for extreme temperatures and temperature changes. Widest operating temperature range of any handheld LIBS device 0-40°C or 32-104°F

Dust and water ingress
Complies with IP54 certification (NEMA 3 equivalent). Tested to be dust and splash water proof.

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