WrapIt – Flexible Ultrasonic Phased Array Tool

WrapIt is a flexible ultrasonic phased array tool that can be wrapped around a curved surface to quickly inspect along a component.

A flexible array transducer is housed in a rubber enclosure that both protects and pre-forms the array, allowing adaptability to scan parts with changing curvature.


1. Conforms to the shape of the component or inspection surface.

2. Simple inspection setup as probe is always normal to the surface.

3. No adjustment needed when scanning a changing radius.

4. Cost effective for multiple geometries as a single transducer can be used in several housings.

5. Compatible with standard phased array instruments.


Typical applications for WrapIt include curved composite laminates found in:

Aerospace: wing spars, aerofoils, stringers, leading edge.

Marine: mast, hull, rigging, rudders.

Wind Energy: blade spar, leading edge.

Motor Racing: aerodynamic components

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