XR 24

Optimal Results due to proven precision technology
Professional film development is a complex process that is dependent on precise adherence to specific parameters.
Because of the exact process control of the XR 24 NDT, optimal film processing results are assured.
The special submersion-tank mechanics reliably prevents crystallization of the chemistry during the
stand-by phase.
>> Spectacular results
>> Finest Details
>> Proper Developing

Proper processing, even for mobile installations
Definitive defect recognition is of greatest importance. Together with DÜRR NDT‘s special X-ray chemistry, the XR 24 NDT always develops X-ray films fully automatically and artifact free.
Base your work on the technologically proven machine, of which more than 250,000 have been manufactured.
Mobile X-ray film processing cannot be easier.
>> Fully automatic
>> Highly portable
>> Proven

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